As ‘Your’ Toastmaster I Will

  1. Formally greet the’ principle party’ and any honoured guest.

  2. Introduce all the guests to the ‘principle party’.

  3. Ceremonially escort the ‘starts of the day’ to their seats.

  4. Arrange for any ‘taking of wine’ with special guests or groups of guests.

  5. Introduce those who are proposing all formal toasts.

  6. Assist with any special, formal or official presentations.

  7. Carry out any traditional or ritual functions

  8. Cutting the wedding cake - piping in the haggis etc.

  9. Organise and introduce the entertainment.

  10. Initiate the first dance etc.

In Addition

I shall be working in the background, liaising with all the trades involved such as the caterers, the photographer, the video photographer, the musicians, the disco, the entertainers etc, so that everything runs smoothly and you are left free to relax and enjoy all the festivities.

My primary concern and aim will be to see that you do not even notice any problems that may occur and that all your guests leave believing everything went very smoothly, no matter what dramas may have occurred.

And Finally

As a focal point, as your Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies, I will often become a central point at the event, where your guests can obtain help or assistance, find a guiding hand or a word of comfort for whatever problem may arise.